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Structural Shell Construction:

  • The hallmark of Gruenthal Construction is its concrete formwork, rough carpentry and light gauge steel truss installation, which typically comprise a third of any project’s scope.   
  • Our purpose is to provide a more reliable build experience to our clients through fairness, honesty and respect.
  • Our construction specialists have extensive knowledge in all phases of shell construction which can maximize communication, planning and efficient coordination while minimizing any hassle and aggravation on our clients' projects. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and to providing service to help our clients successfully manage their project's schedule and budget.
  • The benefits of using our firm include cost-savings, convenience, and less room for communication error, just to name a few. Our professional shell construction specialists work together with our Contractors to develop an added element of customization to meet the clients needs. We also understand the importance of being affordable and competitive, while striving to provide the highest quality work, with timely performance.
  • At Gruenthal Construction we take pride in a safe, clean, orderly job site. Our project managers lead a team of highly experienced supervisors who remain on site throughout the construction process to ensure all architectural and structural design specifications are met. Our attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction have earned Gruenthal Construction a reputation for quality product and superior performance.

Some of our services include:                                                    

  • Grading and fill                                                          
  • Grade beams                                                             
  • Concrete footings                                   
  • Cast in place concrete slabs 
  • CMU walls, load bearing walls and columns
  • Concrete and wood beams
  • Steel reinforcement
  • Aerial floor systems
  • Hambro systems
  • Epicore systems
  • Cast in place floor and roof systems 
  • Concrete and wood stair systems
  • Metal and wood floor and roof trusses
  • Rough carpentry 
  • Entry features
  • Retaining walls  


Structural Metal Framing/Light Gauge Steel Truss Systems:

  • Gruenthal Construction's experienced technicians are fully trained in the handling and installation of these truss systems.
  • Our installation methods (rafting) used regularly reduce erection time as well as risk factors by building whole or large sections of the roof on the ground, including all bracing, bent metals, and decking, which is then hoisted into place.
  • All of our rafting projects are designed and engineered to ensure the safety of Gruenthal Construction's technicians and surrounding areas, as well as the structural integrity of the truss system.
  • Gruenthal Construction has successfully rafted a complete 6,400sqft 6:12 roof with metal decking and plywood sheathing installed in one lift.
  • Services include: Provision and Installation of complete Light gauge steel truss system including Trusses, bent metals, truss to truss, and truss to structure connections,metal decking, plywood decking, dens decking, facia boards, welding services for structural connections, crane service, man lifts, and lull lifts. 

Some of the General Contractors we work for include:

  • Stiles Construction
  • JJW Construction
  • Butters Construction
  • Acousti Engineering of South Florida
  • Bouma Construction
  • Catalfumo Construction
  • Green & Gold Development
  • Morganti Group
  • Overholt Construction
  • Visionscape Development
  • Marks/Morris Construction
  • LEI/Dawson
  • Crossroads Construction
  • MCM Corp
  • Gryphon Contractors